The Soviet Store

I had a nice, long couch in the kitchen where I used to live, but here, there’s just enough space for a love seat.

Even for me, it’s too short to comfortably stretch out on, but that’s okay: there’s no dearth of spots for reclining in my comfortable, comforting home. When I found my two-seater at Restore for Habitat for Humanity, I overlooked its flaws: The price was right, and I intended to have it reupholstered and restrung. Oh well. Add that to the list of the undone. Continue reading “The Soviet Store”

Baby Shower

While it’s fitting that this new venture of mine should begin with a celebration of new life, it could have taken less time to write than it does to gestate a human!

The gorgeous couple
The gorgeous couple

Thank heavens A.B. took the initiative last summer, or the baby shower for Eli and Jen might never have happened. I’m not one for events that follow proscribed conventions, and organization isn’t a strong point, but Anna Belle Wood – who, along with brother Zack, was a frequent, beautiful presence in the home I shared with Eli, Anda, and their father Ande for two decades – is supremely organized, creative, and energetic. She is such a joyful instigator!

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A Face with a View

Blessed light above my head

When I stroll with Felix through his leafy green neighborhood, we always pass a house that makes me wonder. It’s nearly windowless. I inevitably think of that row of student housing on Barnett Shoals, the complex where some cheapo developer actually added outlines of fake windows. Did he think he was fooling us? I think of how “they” say the eyes are the windows to the soul, and I wonder why someone would build or buy a house that looks so soulless, that must border on blindness inside.

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A Half-Remembered Dream

Since Too-Big-to-Fail failed us so spectacularly, I don’t eat out that much anymore.

It’s not just the money; a bit of the hermit’s set in. It was easier when there was someone else to do the encouraging (and the driving), and certainly easier when I was already downtown, closing up shop for the evening. Ande would often meet me at Frontier: It was always best when the kids were with him too. We’d traipse just up the hill to Compadres, a huge Mexican place on the corner, where Davison’s department store once was. The store and the restaurant are long gone, and so much else is too.

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