Design Services

Prop rental and location scouting, event and photo styling, renovation consultation, interior design.

One of my proudest “home” moments occurred when my Tunisian friend Anouar walked into the sunny yellow kitchen of the big old house for the first time. A broad, white smile flashed against his olive skin, as he registered approval. “Nancy! C’est très authentique!” Another meaningful compliment came from my sister, who offered up this quiet assessment of the house I live in now: “It’s so comfortable here.” What a gift to have nurturing shelter, to live in a place perceived by those you love as comfortable and true! I am grateful every day.

It’s no secret I love old things. As someone who regards historic preservation and house moving as the ultimate in recycling, I want to both laugh and cry at that T.V. ad for house builders that asks, “Why live in someone else’s ‘used’ home?”

Don’t get me wrong. Designing and building a home is a privilege and a blessing that can be exercised responsibly. I love blending old and new, can appreciate the contemporary and the cutting edge, and I revere the process and end result of (much of) the handcrafted.

But adaptive reuse can guide us in our interiors as well. I love helping someone find new use for something that once seemed in the way, rearranging collections to revitalize space.

One need not have a lot of money. Money doesn’t equal taste. The most humble objects can exude authenticity and integrity, can find their pride in place.

My design philosophy is simple: Where we live should reflect who we are, where we’ve been, and who and what we love.